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I am proud of every aspect and every employee of Jackson Kayak, and right now it is the factory staff that deserves the credit. They have worked out the bugs in all of the Fun series, and Mega-Rocker and are making more boats per day this week, than last week. We had a kayaker move out here from Wisconsin, John, who is new to our staff, and a local guy, Richard as well. Nick, Dane, and Stephen are now showing up to the factory to help as well, putting in hours, and adding their own special talents.

From the hand trimming of the cockpit rim as a work of art, to the quality control, and cleaning at the end we are taking our time making each boat right. These same guys can be found on the water at 6am at Rock Island before work using their own new Funs, or on the weekend in the Mega-Rockers, etc. They really care about your boat, and when they are working on your boat, it is their boat, and don’t mess with their boat! After it is bagged and tagged it is something we are all proud of and we can’t wait for the dealer staff to open it and inspect it, and finally get it into your hands!

We will ship a bunch of boats this week and will continue to ship boats to your dealer until December 22nd. We will close for Christmas on the 22nd and re-open on January 2nd. In the meantime we will have a big staff Christmas party on the 15th, and if it is anything like last year, it will be a hoot! We will host it at the new Jackson ranch (my house).

Don’t forget that Lorraine (Kristine’s mom), is in charge of getting your Jackson Kayak website holiday shopping gifts out to you before Christmas. She is as good as anybody gets in turning your order around back to you! There are lots of cool things that make great gifts on the website, here are a few…

Under $20:
Jackson Kayak beanies
Jackson Kayak visor

Under $40
All EJ’s Instructional DVD’s-

Very special Gift:
Jackson Kayak fleece hoodie with mittens, facemask, hidden pocket and more!

Don’t forget also, we will send you a free Jackson Kayak Promo DVD and sticker if you sign up as a JK Member here!

Meanwhile; Have Fun out there and I hope you are able to get some paddling in, or at least some virtual paddling through videos, etc.!




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2007 Fun Series being assembled!

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Is your boat in that stack, or have you not ordered it yet…

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Jase freehanding another work of art on this Green 2007 Super Fun!

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Local Boy, Jase- Making another top quality boat!

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Mark, making your cockpit rim smooth as a babies bottom…

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Mega-Rocker and 4 Fun waiting for Quality control

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Richard- a new face at Jackson Kayak, welcome Richard!

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Ricky, our own Elvis, and a strong assembly dude

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Tom on QUALITY control!- Is this good enough to call my own…