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This press release was written by me to announce the creation of Jackson Kayak. I just found it on my computer and opened it to see if it was something I needed to keep and was amused to see my first ever JK document!

October 2003

Press Release:

Eric Jackson has announced that kayakers will still be able to buy EJ/Knight designed kayaks in 2004 after all. Eric brings the kayaking world Jackson Kayak which will have four new whitewater designs available in 2004.

Notable Jackson Kayak news for kayakers: Four new boats, including a kids kayak, two sizes of EJ’s Eazy to paddle river running playboats, and a full on competition freestyle kayak. Look for lightweight crosslinked hulls, unique looks, and innovative outfitting and an independent attitude.

Jackson Kayak is based in Rock Island, Tennessee at a premier kayakers working environment, so don’t expect EJ’s kayaking time to decrease. EJ says he is looking for a top assembler to work and live at the facility in Rock Island. He or she must kayak daily to keep job.