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By Joel Kowalski

Flew into denver last saturday to enjoy a week of skiing with my older
sister, sarah, and her husband, steve, in Aspen. The slopes were awesome.
Tons of fresh powder each day. Steve took us to all his secret runs which
were sweet. Had the chance to ski with a fellow world class student, Fred
Norquist. The week went by quickly.

Last night, Dec 19th, we planned to drive back to denver. The forcasts
called for 12-48 inches of snow. It was a gamble, but we made it through the
mountain drive without the storm affecting us much. we woke up early this
morning to the blizzard hitting the area heavily. At this point all flights
were still a go. We arrived, checked our bags and went through security. As
we were in security the P.A. announced most flights cancelled. Ours was
still good to go. We boarded our plane and sat in taxi for 3 hours before
they cancelled the flight. upside: I got to watch pirates of the carribean2.
That was at 2ish pm. As I am writing this it is 11:18pm. All roads have been
closed and all flights are canceled until at least tomorrow afternoon.

I especially can’t wait to get home. I hear Buseater is still in and at
prime levels too!

I spent the last 4 months on the road with World Class Kayak Academy.
The second term was in mexico. While in Tlapacoyan I got to meet up with my
great friend Raffa Ortiz. I mixed up a little video (QuickTime 3.3 MB) while waiting here in
the airport about the section of the Alceseca he took us down.



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