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Mega-Rocker- by Jesse Coombs

The purpose of a creek boat is to help you paddle harder water and be safe. Look up creek boat in the dictionary and you will find Mega-Rocker. It is the big boat that paddles as easily as any smaller boat. I know 155 pound guys who paddled it just as well and happily as 200+ pound guys. It instinctively follows your commands and makes it easy to hit lines and make the hard moves. This boat carves sharply and truly does not feel over-sized in the water. The volume of the Mega-Rocker is placed so that it keeps even the biggest people on the surface while still being very maneuverable for smaller paddlers. I have had so many 185 pound guys asking me what size Rocker they should get, and I cannot wait for them to sit in a Mega-Rocker for themselves and see just how capable and friendly it is. Once you are sitting the the Mega-Rocker it does not feel that big and long. The volume is placed really well! I have the ultimate confidence in the Mega-Rocker because it boofs like a dream, holds lines I want like it is on rails, plugs the big drops perfectly with a soft and consistent resurface, penetrates holes that wants to catch everything else and maneuvers deftly.

Regarding safety, I am so glad to have the Mega-Rocker. The Jackson Kayak bulk head system is the safest ever. It is adjustable for comfort and has a the EXTREMELY important feature of taking up the impact on a bad piton which means your ankles and knees don’t take the brunt of the impact. This can mean the difference between broken ankles and a happy day on the river. The Mega-Rocker cockpit is nice and large allowing for me to get my knees out first in the case of a pin. The Boat Armor outfitting is so comfortable and adjustable that I am happy and relaxed all day long on the river. I can adjust the outfitting while sitting in my boat to really tighten up for the tough sections. And the padding at the feet, knees, thighs, hips and butt mean I have cushion at all points of contact in case I accidentally hit rocks on the river. The tremendous access, AND I DO MEAN TREMENDOUS, is better than I have ever had! It is SO EASY to get my gear in and out of the back of the Mega-Rocker. I can easily bring some extra layers and food as well as my safety gear for day trips. And I can really easily pack two large stow bags in the back for those always fun multi-day on the river trips. With boats I used to paddle I would have to first put the stow bag in the back and then fill it with my gear. I am so glad to have graduated from those days.

I don’t think it is call the Mega-Rocker because it is Mega-big. I think it is called the Mega-Rocker because it is Mega-Good. As the Big Boss of creek boats, the Mega-Rocker excels in every aspect.

Happy Paddling