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Hi Eric,

In name of my son Lane, I want a thank you for the wonderfull moments we
have as a beginning Belgium kayak family! We are the owners of a Fun 1
, a 4 fun and a Rocker and we love it.

Dane is Lane his hero! Lane his greatest dream, is becoming member of
the JK Team…

Lane has asked me to send you this message:

‘Hello Eric, I am a Lane (10 years old) an I want to thank you for my
great boat the fun 1 1/2. I am a beginner but I hope to become a good
playboater and I am very happy that, with my mom and dad, I can run some
rivers. We have a great time together!
We met in LYON at the Lyon River Festival. You give me that great DVD
‘Playboating: basics’! Thanks for that, I do my best, but there is still
a very long way to go. It’s a pity we don’t have playboating instructors
in Belgium. On internet I saw the keenerprogram, realy something to
dream about!

It’s great to be on the river and its great to play with mom and dad in
a little wave. In weekend or vacation, its paddling time, its FUN time!
We are searching for good rivers that are not to difficult, or searching
for a little wave just to enjoy, just to have fun.
We travel and play together, sometimes it’s warm, sometimes I am
freezing but everytime for me its supertime!
I love it very much and I want a thank you for my superboat!!!’

Thanks for everything, the FUN is not only a great boat but also our way
of life!
Congratulations with your new house! Splendid!
Greetings to the hole family!

With kindest regards,
Lane, Tiny & Patrick


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