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By Clay Wright

With one generator down, the release levels have only been 1800 for over a week, meaning that little rain we got had a chance to fill the lake right up … and over.

The sirens blew around noon and by 12:30 Stephen was dropping a new line – far left on the Mill Side – while the rest of the crew opted out due to the high flow.

6000 is normally a great falls level, but since the gauge is below the powerhouse it looked more like 7800 upstream… beefy!

I caught up at Brave Wave – and man, those stars were flying! The normally steep face was flatter, smoother, and faster but the break was surgy and the boils ever-changing.
Ruth Gorden gets the ‘big air’ of the day and ‘big trick’ probably goes to Dane’s air-screw attempts or his huge Pan-am. EJ’s working every trick, like World’s was tomorrow and Emily was working her Flashbacks. Also on the water – Jason Craig, Lauren Buress, Klass Weinershnitzel, Nic Troutman and LL’s Philly Williams.

Here are the shots …


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Dane has got huge Pan-ams dialed in his Shooting Star: Brave Wave 6g

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JAsonCraig – Walk of Shame (means you missed the eddy) Brave Wave 6g

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Ruth Gordon flies her new Star – biggest air of the day! Brave Wave 6000 1/07

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Stephen says the 07 All-star excels at the clean blunt: Brave Wave 6g