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Hey, EJ!

It was great to meet you in Dayton, OH, this past weekend at the
Adventure Summit. Thanks for talking me through how to fit the Happy
Seat in my new Fun. My boat is already super comfortable, but I’m
looking forward to getting the Happy Seat to tweak the fit even better.

Thanks, too, for being so cool with my mom — Mary Ann Miles. Mom will
be 64 in a couple of months. She has Type II diabetes and as been
insulin dependent for several years. She’s always loved water, but
never imagined she would ever get in any kind of kayak – let alone a
river runner/playboat.

Mom has been experiencing kayaking through me since I started boating
2 years ago. She started visiting the Jackson Kayak website to learn
more after I talked so much about my Super Hero and now my Fun that I
got just before Thanksgiving (I LOVE my boats!). When Mom heard you
were going to be at the Adventure Summit — and I told her she’d have
a chance to get in a boat in a pool — she said she would come up from
W.Va. for the event!

It was a big deal for Mom to get in a kayak because she had this idea
that somehow it would feel claustrophic. When she sat in the 4Fun in
the expo hall, though, she said it felt so comfortable that she
definitely wanted to try it on the water. It was awesome that you
talked to Mom in a way that totally expected she could get on the
water. It didn’t matter that she’s over 60 or anything else. If she
wanted to paddle, there was a boat for her (very cool!).

I’m sending a couple of photos of Mom in the 4Fun — her first time
being in a kayak. I’m pretty sure it won’t be her last. Thanks for
making such great boats and for being so welcoming to people of all
ages entering such a cool sport.

Jennifer Green

Columbus, OH


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