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By Clay Wright

After a little warm-up paddle in the Creekers, including the rapids upstream as well as the waves and the hole here in RI, Brad Sutton wanted more.

So up he climbed! The cliff over the hole is about 30′ high and drops into 5-6′ of water. Good thing the take-off rock is grabby as heck… But with an upcoming Costa Rica trip and plenty of big drops to be had, some practice was in order.

While I feared for his ankles, he popped up with a smile and a thumbs up. When asked if he was hurt he said ‘I didn’t hit anything’. It wasn’t until we pointed out the bow scratches did he believe he had touched bottom.

Brad says ‘Wow – I didn’t feel a thing!" Sweet launch, and better to test the bulkhead than the back…

Photos by Clay Wright
Stunt-man action by Brad Sutton


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Here he goes …

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totally vertical

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and testing both the depth and the bulkhead with a perfect pencil!