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Dear EJ and family-

I wanted to write to thank you for making whitewater kayaking family oriented and fun. My six year old son Zach enjoyed paddling my kayaks around area lakes this Summer and we decided to demo a couple of Jackson Funs this September. We went to a local class I stretch in the mountains outside of town with our neighbors and had a blast. He was pumped to have boat that fit him and he did awesome! (See picture.) It was really great not to be leaving him behind so I could get out on the river. We also really appreciated the section on kids and paddling that you have on your Bracing and Rolling DVD. It really helped Zach’s confidence to hear first-hand from Emily and Dane that they also thought being underwater was a little scary at first, too.

Sorry to hear about Joel Kowalski getting stuck at DIA. We were having more Fun in our neighborhood during our snow day in Denver! Zach got his own Fun1 in October and we’ve been hitting area lakes and now the open pool sessions every chance we get. We missed our chance to play at the pool this Sunday, but Zach made up for that today. Check out the boof practice he got in on the giant mound of snow we helped make next door. (More pictures!)

Zach says "Thank you for making kayaks that fit kids. I like my Fun1 and my paddle a lot!" He says that he hopes we can catch up with you the next time you’re in Colorado. He also loves it when Dane posts a new video on the JK website.

We hope you have great Christmas in your wonderful new home. Zach and I look forward to riding the rivers when all this snow melts. Thanks again and have a great 2007,

Brendan and Zachary Curran


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At the Top

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Snow Boof

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