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Dane got his Fun 1 prototype in December of 2003 and got three full years of use out of it before finally getting too tight in it. He started complaining about it being tight last month when he started wearing more clothes to stay warm in the winter. Luckily for him, he has graduated and grown into the lastest creation, the Shooting Star. I expect that he will also get a good two years out of the Shooting Star, but meanwhile- he is as happy as can be. Yesterday we paddled at Rock Island and the water was really low for some reason (one generator) and I got to see how both he and Jason did on a very small wave and small hole. The both threw huge loops like I have never seen them throw before, cartwheel, surf, spin, blunt, everything you could do on a small spot. Jason was the most verbal of the two and was hooting and hollering the whole time.

What I learned from this experience, is that it was a good decision to make the Shooting Star, and any kid who was in a Fun 1, or still is, will make a big jump in their playboating, and their fun factor will make the jump with it! Now Dane and I can be in the same boat and that means a lot to him. Emily had the classic Star while I had the Classic All-Star so she is used to it. Now we both have the new 2007 Star and All-Star and the fun continues!