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One of the benefits of being a Patagonia Ambassador is witnessing the front lines of environmental stewardship from a manufacturing point of view. Yvon Chouinard is a leader in finding new ways to create lower impact on the environment manufacturing methods and materials. Cotton is one of the worst materials for the environment ever made for clothing, because of the fact they use too many chemicals to grow it. In fact, while it only represents 3% of the worlds crops, they use 30% of the worlds pesticides and other chemicals. Capilene is an oil based product, but is actually way better overall because it is both recyclable and the amount of oil it uses is not unlike cotton (tractors, pesticides, etc.). For that reason, Jackson Kayak only uses organic cotton T-shirts (since we started we have only done one run of non-organic T-shirts and it was a mistake in purchasing.) We used Patagonia’s Beneficial T’s. We are switching to Capilene now and have just created our first run of capilene T-shirts. They are quite a hit among our staff and team, an myself. Super comfortable (softer than cotton), work well even when wet (why change shirts, just kayak in it and wear it dry, sweet!), and unique looking. Personally I have worn enough cotton T-shirts to last me a lifetime and enjoy putting this thing on everytime.

I switched to Patagonia’s Capilene underwear this past year and will never go back. They are lighter, more comfortable and I always pull them out of my drawer before my cotton ones. It is making me look at everything I wear and wondering what is next.

For Now, look for the Patagonia/Jackson Kayak Capilene long sleeve shirts in black. We’ll offer more as we get them developed!

Click here to get yours or check them out in our Jackson Kayak Store.