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Can y’all believe how nice it was today? It was even nicer on the
I had 2 enjoyable events happening at the same time while out on
mayo. The first one was paddling a new "Jackson Rocker" creek boat
the second was being joined by our SRVCC President, Bev. Most of the
trip I followed Bev’s lines which are by no means conservative. It
very good practice for me and it made the trip more challenging. Bev
is a very good paddler who breaks down every rapid and drop into
catching,peelouts, boofing ect. This was something I’m not used to
doing, but it’s the way rivers should be run.Great learning
At sliding board rapid there was a log laying across the river in
which Bev broached. He held it together but somehow lost his paddle
with the excitement going on. We managed to get the log out of the
and I continued on down stream to try and find his paddle. It
quite a ways before recovering it. The rest of the trip went smooth
until we entered the s-turn. Bev had a perfect line, catching the
middle eddy. I followed his same line but entered the eddy low. It
one of those oh sh@# moves. I dropped off the ledge sideways and
heading towards the big rock at the bottom when my boat came almost
all the way over. I just knew I was going to be talking to the
but my brace held me until I brought the boat back up. WHEW, that
a close one. Bev’s only comment was " I thought I was going to get
see how easy that boat is to roll"
By the way, that Jackson Rocker "ROCKS" . Great Day on the river
thanks Mr. President for the company.

SYOTR, Sammy