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Hey mate, a couple of the Sydney locals have been mucking around with our shiny JK boats. A bit of party surfing at the Penrith man made course since most of the country has been as dry as a dead dingo’s donger. We have had a small amount of rain here of late however we are still on Level 3 mandatory water restrictions due to a lack of solid rain for years. The hull of the Rocker is nice and rigid and strong so that you can really bounce and boof without the hull bending or changing shape, which slows you down giving the new Rocker a formidable low effort boof.

We head down to Tasmania this weekend to fire up the Cataract river, Tassie has some huge stuff down there and am excited to get down.

As you can see rafts are bouncy. Thanks to Ben from Wavemonkey for the video (Windows Media Player, 3.3 MB).

Cheers mate,