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I try not to brag on my kids, but I can’t tell you how awesome Emily did in surprising Kristine and I this year, and we just cashed it in over the weekend! Emily got some help from Dane, and members of Team JK, and family to pull it off. She found the location, choose the hotel, restaurants, date, paid for it, and had it all ready for us to simply show up! We had no idea what we were getting into until we got to our hotel and found that it was clearly a 1st class experience we were up for. The dining was exceptional at the Charleston Grill and Peninsula Grill, as well as High Cotton for Sunday Brunch! Whoa! Emily had us staying at the Charleston Place hotel, where we could walk to everything.

I was getting a little itchy without my kayak, even with hours of walking the streets during the day, so Kristine and I took a drive to Folly Beach. It was 76 degrees out and the body surfing was great! Kristine read her book on the beach while I went running and swimming.

We are heading home now, after a great weekend get-away, compliments of Emily, Dane, and our friends!