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Nick and Emily drove with Nick’s dog Rio up to his hometown of Beachburg, Ontario (AKA: The Mighty Ottawa River). Here is the note he just sent me…

Hey EJ,

I just got off the water, and OH MY!!!

The New boat ROCKS! I have never gone so big in my life. It airscrews SOOO BIG, Clean Blunts, and Clean Panams with no effort, It combos awesome, but my timing gets all messed up because it goes so big it is hard to time the landing some times. Also it goes backwards really well. Back stabs and back panams both ways, and flash backs.

Everyone who has seen the boat has comented on it, and how it looks really good.

We took something like 200 pictures today, and some are really good.

Anyway i will send them tonight hopfully if joel puts them on his hard drive.

We have 7 Hours of sick footage, which we are putting together to make an amazing video.

Everyday we go out, we will do something bigger, or better, it is so wicked.

Anyway signing out from Canada.

P.s. Em has learnt how to ice skate, but she doesn’t know how to stop, and rio loves the snow. Oh ya and if you guys aren’t doing anything, come up here the level is steady and there is no line.