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This note was to Jesse Coombs- Team JK from his friend Pete.


Can you pass along my thanks to the Jackson crew for the use of a
Sweet Cheeks in Costa Rica? I’ve included some text and pictures that
they are welcome to use or post anyway they’d like.

Thanks, pete

Everyone at Jackson Kayak,

While kayaking in Costa Rica last December I unfortunately broke my
knee on the Upper Pacure. The Upper Pacure is set in a 2000 ft. deep
canyon and contains 2 gorges with Class 4-5 rapids. Immediately after
the injury our group was faced with difficult decisions concerning how
to get me back to a hospital. After much discussion, the only safe
strategy involved hiking up the canyon through the jungle in order to
try and reach a road. Unfortunately, I couldn’t put any weight on my
knee to walk and even slight movements were extremely painful.
Thankfully my boating partners were all in Jackson Kayaks with Sweet
Cheeks. After several attempts to make a brace/splint, they were
finally able to construct a brace/splint that totally immobilized my
knee and made my life so much better. The brace/splint consisted of a
Sweet Cheeks molded around the back of my leg in order to provide
initial stabilization and comfort. Behind the Sweet Cheeks they used
the two middle shafts of a break-down paddle to provide additional
support and attached everything to my leg with two cam straps. The
resulting brace was good enough that the paramedics who later arrived
used it rather than the brace they brought with them!

I am so impressed with the functionality of the Sweet Cheeks for
unexpected first aid situations that I’m considering getting one just
to include in my first aid kit. Truly a great product without which
I’m sure my evacuation ordeal would’ve been much more difficult and
painful. Thanks for unknowingly helping me get back home in one piece.

Pete Giordano