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If you have the time, it is worth checking out these videos. If you are at work, share them with your co-workers instead of a trip to the coffee pot! If you are at school- sign off and get back to class!

Watch for another sweet video coming your way from Nick Troutman in the next few days, the 2007 All-Star promo video! This will complete our promo videos for all of our series of kayaks, The Rocker, Fun, and Star!

Jason Craig’s latest video of Jay in the new 2007 4 Fun and his old Super Star is quite creative, with some cool editing and interesting street art shots. Jason is 13 years old and the current USA National Junior Freestyle Champion. Dane made the 2007 Rocker promo video as well as a host of others recently and is putting his video camera and computer to work! Nick and Joel are 18 years old so they can’t really be called kids, but at 42 years old, to me, they are kids. Those guys are making some sweet videos too, both in the content and editing. Then there is the adult team JK members making their video contributions:

Ben Stookesberry who is filming his unbelievable expeditions and editing the Hotel Charlie: River of Doubt film, which will be an epic kayak flick this spring. Ben also sent in a couple of teasers that are fun to watch. Stephen Wright entertained us with incredible 2 Fun videos from Buseater this winter, and his awesome 2007 Fun promo video. We also get entertaining videos from Jez from Australia, that add a different flavor. Of course our 2006 Jackson Kayak Promo Video was filmed and edited by Chris Emerick and there is nothing but quality in that piece. You can get your copy of the promo video, if you don’t have one, by becoming a JK Member.

Here is a list of videos to watch and the film makers:

Jason Craig: age 13
Jason Craig sends in this cool video of Jay Kincaid

Dane Jackson: age 13

Lauren Burress age 10

Ben Stookesberry:

Stephen Wright

Nick Troutman

Joel Kowalski

Chris Emerick:
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