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I received this over the weekend from Jesse Becker of Wisconsin!

Hey EJ

I just want to start out by telling you how great i think it is that youhave managed to make what we all love to do so much into a family business.It essentially IS the kayakers dream that you all are living. I was down atthe jackson shop last weekend and asked Johnny M to bring a new Allstar downto the hole. Until that day i was paddling a #$$%%% …..but needless tosay, that boat is sold! I ordered a new Allstar through Bear Paw here inWI. I have to be honest, i tried the old Allstar out last year and thoughtit was a bit loose, and didn’t carve quite as nice as i was used to. But ithink you’ve really out done yourself with the new design. Right from thestart i noticed how smooth and fast it was in the hole. Carved smooth andfast and was also very forgiving. The light weight was also verynoticeable, way lighter than the Project, and took less effort to really getthe edges to bite. All while still feeling loose and super easy to spin in.Can’t wait to get mine!

Jesse Becker