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We are FIRED UP to tell you all that the Day Tripper 12 is complete and currently in the process of building the mold. As you can see this molded in seat came out very nicely. Tony Lee is quickly finalizing the seat back and we will have that incorporated into the drawing very shortly. Expect it up on the website here in the coming weeks. The Elite model will have this seat cut out and replaced with the "Sweet Seat" removable seating for picnics, campfires, or just relaxing on the beach you just paddled too!

One thing you don’t see here yet is our thwart like device that will slide from in front of the paddler to even behind the paddler. This dashboard is going to set a new standard for access to the thing you use most when kayaking. It will have a built in rod holder as well as a mini storage for a MP3 player/digi camera/ or even your cell phone (for those that have to have one with you!). Although we don’t have that complete, you can bet the second it is, we will have it up on the website for all to view.

The cargo netting will run up either side of the kayak in front of the seat. This will provide ample (off the floor) fairly dry storage for everything you could need to have a great day on the water. But, very important, we are going to have actual dry storage in the form of drybag/floatation that will also be included in both the Day Tripper and its sister… the Elite version.

The orders are pouring in very nicely. I must say it’s great to see the enthusiasm from our dealer base. Please feel free to call any of our dealers to discuss when they are receiving their shipments. If you need to know where you closest Jackson Rec dealers is.. please click here.

The Day Tripper 12 is scheduled to ship early May, and the Mini Tripper will be next at about 10 days later… then to be followed up by the Day Tripper 10 a week after that. Just in time for some warm temperatures and a day trip on the water!