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Dear Jackson Rec.,

I just took my first look at the new Day Tripper design on I am very impressed with the first designs. It is about time a kayak manufacture produced a recreation kayak for the first time paddler. The current trend seems to be pushing designs above the levels of the beginner kayaker. Or, trying to out perform the competition with high performance features that only the most seasoned paddlers can really benefit from.

I think it’s easy to loose site in kayak design and focus purely on design performance. Thank you for not forgetting the real people that will be buying your kayaks. People who are looking for an easy to paddle kayak, something lightweight, easy to enter and exit, something stable and forgiving, and something they can use with a small child or even their four-legged friend. Thank you for not designing a niche kayak, but for designing a kayak that includes people instead of excluding them. This is just what the Doctor ordered.

I’m looking forward to working with Jackson Rec. this season and in the future.

Don Dowling
Manager/ Buyer
Confluence Kayaks