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We have a great CFO that works part time for us, and a book keeper (Office Manager) who is my mother-in-law. We don’t have an in house accountant that should approach this job as both a workhorse in organizing our books, reports, and efficiency, but also an entrepreneur that can act as an advisor to EJ. I am looking early, since the job won’t start until Sept-October.

This is not a first timer’s job.

  • Experience not only creating reports, but understanding what reports need created
  • Able to work well with daily finances,understanding the big picture, long term plan, and able to help develop a more effective long term plan
    • cash flow forecasting
    • financing
    • inventory, production, and receivables planning to improve cash flow

Etc.- if you understand what I am looking for and know that there is more to the story, then you should send me your resume’. If you are confused by the request, wait for a different opening.

Oh yea- Jackson Kayak is a fast paced, but fun place to work. Personality is VERY helpful in job satisfaction for both yourself and our current staff!

If you already paddle a Jackson Kayak- you are probably well on your way!



Send resume to:

Jackson Kayak
Eric Jackson
888 Power House Road
Walling, TN 38587

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