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By Ruth Gordon

Today was a great example of the constant action at the Jackson household.

I arrived here almost two weeks ago and the saying ‘time flies when you’re having fun’ must have originated in this house. Days go by and there is never a dull moment at the Jackson Ranch.

Even though it was Sunday today started off like most days (well for me anyways since my dog wakes up at 6:30am no matter what). I lounged around for a bit (chatted on line) before descending into the kitchen. As usual Kristine was already busy preparing for the day: the chalkboard was filled with the daily quotes and she had already created a shopping list for her morning adventure. I settled in to my computer and off she went to the store.

Jay, also visiting for the week, joined me at the table and soon there after EJ sat down and popped open his computer to check the level. Ahh… the water was flowing high; Brave Wave… move, move, move. The pace of the morning increased exponentially at that moment. Rally the troops and get in the car.

The wave was GREAT, the air was COLD and the kickbacks of the full moon were still in effect: energy was at an all time high. The boys were putting together competition rides while I was set in my ways and was focused on styling my clean blunts. (Photos are from my boat so apologies that I didn’t capture more of the action). There were mcnasty’s, loops, pan ams, side kicks and lots of high scoring rides.

Even though it was cold my toes were they only uncomfortable part of my body. Others were struggling to keep there hands warm: Nick wearing no hand gear (duh, it’s cold), EJ opted for only poggies and Jason survived some holes in his mitts. A familiar sight was paddlers blowing on their hands or into their mitts. It wasn’t until we finally returned to the car that I noticed ice on my skirt, lifejacket and little icicles in my hair.

It was only noon and we had already been paddling, now what. Time to prepare for the Super Bowl party: there was food to be made, decorations, a last minute trip to town, big screen set-up and more. With so many hands, in no time the house was ready for Super Bowl action.

Spare moments before the main event were filled with games of ping-pong, playing with the dogs or working out.

Before I knew it people started to arrive for the pre-game backyard game. We met in the field for our own version of football before the on-screen action began. The teams were evenly matched and we ended with a draw.

As the coin was tossed for the Super Bowl the food was served and it didn’t stop coming until well into the third quarter (in true Kristine form).

Tonight I will go to bed tired, just like every night here at the Jackson Ranch where everyday is an adventure and every moment there’s something fun to do.



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EJ and Jay watching Nick

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Emily pulling out of the eddy

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Jason setting up

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Nick “no mitts” Troutman

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Nick surfing it up

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Super Bowl on the big screen

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Super Bowl Scene