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Thanks for the great idea of having community ambassadors (not sure
what you call them).
I know Andy Graham over here in WA and he’s just the friendliest guy
I hadn’t seen him for a while and it was a lovely surprise to find
that he’s one of your grassroots ‘reps’.

It had gotten a bit ho-hum for me to always see the ‘gurus’ being
supported. They have a role, but it’s so valuable to have the
‘ordinary paddlers’ representing you too.

I’d rarely paddled for years after being so frustrated with
uncomfortable, hard to manage boats that did nothing for my skill-
building and confidence – and then I bought my FUN last July.
WOW !… Imagine my delight at re-kindling my enjoyment of kayaking at
48 years old.
So many friends have commented on how I paddled soooo differently in
it – and I noticed from the first trip I took it on.

I’m from New Zealand, currently based in Seaddle for a while.
I’ve been raving about my boat via email and looking forward to more
raving when I go back for a trip there in April or May – especially to
the other women I know who are in the same situation I was in with
confidence and frustration.

Many many thanks !