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We are cruising right along here at Jackson Rec with the introduction of a true kids recreational kayak. As you can see in these CAD drawings, the dimensions are perfect for kids starting as young as 5 and all the way up to 12 or so. This kayak is modeled after the same dimensions as our Fun 1.5 whitewater kayak and we expect it to really hit a strong cord with families. The fact that its 1st design goal of "Inspiring Confidence" is very evident with the hull shape. This will prove to be a very straight paddling boat that will turn with ease when leaned just a tad the to the inside.

We are very happy to have this lineup as our first offering in Jackson Rec and we hope you are excited as well. This boat will be a hit from kids camps, to rental fleets, to families that just love to get out together and enjoy the fresh air and scenery that the Day Trippers are built to take them into.

Marty Cronin
Brand Mgr, JacksonRec.


How cute…. look at the Mini Tripper next to it’s poppa…

Here is a great shot of the Mini next to poppa bear… the Day Tripper 12