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Very exciting days continue here at Jackson as we are preparing for getting production underway at the plant. The Day Tipper 12 will ship from the mold maker to the molder on April 16th and production of that boat will commence immediately. John Ratliff (COO) is waiting with a catchers glove at the plant and is fully prepared to receive the 1st hulls and begin the process of putting the various outfitting components together in the most efficient manner possible.

Our backlog continues to grow nicely. We can now build 300 boats per week and that combined with our strong orders are really very cool to see. Our dealers are the best in the industry and their trust in us is not treated lightly. That trust didn’t come by missing deadlines and delivering substandard product… Our goal is to be the best kayak manufacturer, with the best service, and highest quality products. Be sure to stop by and visit a Jackson Dealer nearest you soon. They always have the most up to date information and should be receiving our line of Day Trippers starting in the first weeks of June.