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Goal: I wrote training logs from 1988-1996 and no real log since. As the World Championships approach, I figure it will do me good to have one, and hope you enjoy reading it too. I am starting with a short summary of paddling to date this year.

Previous Training Log Entries

PM- March 15, 2007

Today was a special day, the Nile River rose about 1 foot, making the Nile Special even better today! Joel mounted his underwater housing on his helmet and towed out on the rope to sit next to the wave and filmed people going off on the wave, AWESOME! You’ll love the footage. I filmed and manned the rope for a while, and then did some rides myself. I responded pretty well to the new level, getting some really good rides, but also had some times where setting up was tough and my rides weren’t good. In the end it is about:

Being light and quick
doing moves near the top of the wave and not always dropping in fast
keeping your balance and being quick to do a recovery stroke.

I am very tired now, and eating less then ever. While I am losing fat, I am also losing muscle and need to figure out a way to eat more. Perhaps at the Nile River Explorers, I can coax myself to larger meals.