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Final Week of Africa training and filming is proving to be very productive! We just got the generator running again and have electricity for capturing video and charging laptops. The Nile Special Wave has been great in the evenings and the Club Wave has been great in the mornings. Everyone is paddling really well and the boats are becoming a natural part of our bodies. We are all doing well physically, with nothing more than ear infections and minor soreness to slow us down. Everyone is able to paddle longer and harder now than when we arrived and that simply means more fun during the day!

After 4 weeks here, nobody has a single complaint about the 2007 Star series. It is the greatest feeling in paddling when you are 100% happy with your equipment and the river is awesome! I can’t wait for the season when I get to see people try out the new boats for the first time! Everyone is a better playboater in the new Stars.