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By Jason Craig

This boat is fast! I catch waves that I never thought possible and while on a wave its an immediate difference from past boats. At the top of the wave it cruises down fast and launches great. The edges cut deep allowing to carve quickly from one side to another and also go huge. On waves I would go bigger almost every session. Spinning is effortless. In the air, blunts and backstabs are snappy and go through easier and faster. Hole play is sweet and loops bigger than anything I’ve done. Also it cartwheels easier. Even in flat water I can cartwheel much longer than I could in holes and the ends seam to slice through. Most of the time I spend in the white water park I’m cartweeling because it is sooooo fun! I can now lunar orbit on cue and my tricky woo’s are much more dependable. This is the ultimate hole boat! Since I’ve been paddling the shooting star I have noticed huge improvement in my paddling and my comfort zone has greatly improved. I am five feet tall, and at 93 pounds, I am just about the right size for the boat.

This boat earns the Jason Seal of approval…

Shall the force be with you young Skywalkers


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