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Sometimes in life, things go even better than expected, and the design of the new Star series is one of those moments. Now that we have had the Shooting Star, Star, and All-Star on every type of feature you can imagine, from flatwater, to the biggest waves and holes, and we have had tons of people in the boats, many non-Jackson Kayak paddlers, the verdict is clear.

Nothing compares to the 2007 Star series for playboating! Some key features that everyone notices and falls in love with immediately:

  • Speed with no sacrifices!
  • Looseness with super fast carving too
  • Huge air and easy landings
  • Huge loops, but easier cartwheels
  • Fearless backsurfing, front surfing, and side surfing- USER FRIENDLY! (this is really important when surfing big waves that invite big crashes.)

Not only is Team JK excited about them (I am still practically vibrating from the fun factor and excitement of the “perfect boat”.) but we have people paddling all sorts of boats, trying and immediately falling in love with them.

We have French paddlers ditching their “wave boats” here on the nile to compete in the World Championships in the new All-Star, and are so excited about them that it is almost funny. The Nile is a perfect testing ground and a perfect person to test them is new Jackson Kayak team member Joel Kowalski who says, “My favorite boat yet.” Which is pretty out there for a reserved 18 year old that paddles like a Rock Star.

Our internet capabilities aren’t very good here, which is why the lack of updates (especially photos and video), but we may have the opportunity to make it work today! You will have plenty of eye candy coming your way, staring the new 2007 Star Series in the next 10 days! Look for cool videos by Nick, Joel, and Stephen!

The Super Star mold is in high gear and the wait will be well worth it. Look for a full year of pleasant surprises in how your playing is going in the new Stars!!!

“Hey Now, you’re an All-Star, get your game on, go play..”!




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Nick clean blunting on club 1

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Dane HUGE screw

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Danes boat and gear taking a break