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By Jason Craig

Hey Jason,
It was great seeing you again and as always seeing
you mob all over the wave!! GREAT JOB on the clean
blunt! The next day my friend Paul (Big Paul) and I
did Chili Bar. I was going to run it in my xxxxx. But
seeing you had ran it in your Shooting Star
encouraged me to run it in my Star. What a hoot!!!
This boat runs like a champ! and surfs like no
other. We parked at 1st Threat…WOW!…I loved it!!
bigger than Dog and way more retentive. I am so glad
i ran into you Saturday…I would have been stuck w
the xxxxxx.

Have you been down Double Trouble at Trouble
Maker? It is on river right.

Well, thanks for keeping the vibe on the river positive.

See ya in Reno
Paul Bennett
ps here is a pic from 1st threat I got a full 360
big 4 me.


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