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By Kevin Brown

I’ve been paddling the new All-Star everyday for 2 weeks, 2-3 sessions per
day at our local play park in Missoula. When the levels are deep enough
foor loops the new All-Star launches. The All-Star classic always jumped,
the new All-Star has a bigger, snappy jump. Snappy meaning it seems to
out of the water faster making you jump higher. The slicey bow allows
boat to submerge easier, faster and deeper making for a smooth set-up and
launch. When the feature is too shallow for looping, the All-Star still
Cartwheels are super easy, easier then the classic -due to the thinner
profile. The hull is still super stiff, which is sick for any trick you
working on. The hull is super loose, way looser then the classic, making
tricks from flat spins to technical tricks like the Mcnasty effortless

I’ve been able to paddle the All-Star 2 days on Big Fang. Big
is a super sweet wave at 8000cfs and above. It’s steep, big pile,
and bouncy. I can say, I had my best session ever at Fang in my new
All-Star . I had so much control on the wave. The All-Star’s speed gets
to where you want for your set ups. The stiff hull makes for a rigid
platform to olli off of. The edges on the new All-Star make for smooth
to edge transitions for air blunts, pan-ams, air screws etc… This boat
sick! Mine reminds me of a Corvette when I look at it (a black ’78
stingray). Hence the name of my new boat is "Stingray". Anyway, this is
the best boat I’ve ever been in for both comfort and performance.
kayak has it dialed with this boat. I know there are those brand loyal
folks, but everyone should at least demo one. Think about it -crosslink
plastic, light weight, stiff hull, no screw holes, comfy outfitting, snug
fit, fast, snappy and poppy -enjoy! I just want to thank everyone at
Jackson kayak for all their hard work making this boat reality for us
Thank You and continue livin’ the dream,

Team Jackson Kayak member KB