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March 27, 2007

World Championships on Club Wave and then Nile Special today!

Club wave- I won semi-finals with a 116, and Nick won finals with a 92. I flushed by getting greedy and going too fast during finals. I still felt fine, and feel good week is going well so far!

I did a big Mystery flip, Clean Blunt McNasty, huge Clean Back pan am, and more on my last ride of the day, sweet!

PM- Nile Special World Championships
The water went up higher than normal today making the Special SWEET and BIG and you didn’t need a rope to get on it!

Semi-finals- I was winning after first rides, then Nick beat me on second rides.

Finals: I was winning after second rides- with a 72 (not a high score) and ended up winning with that ride. Everyone was going big but flushing early.
Emily had three great rides that would be awesome for the real world championships! Dane had two rides that were great also for juniors.

Since this is “FEEL GOOD WEEK” we are focusing on being happy with where we are, and not as worried about getting somewhere else. I learned this concept from Jon Lugbil, a 5 time world slalom champion in C1 from the USA. Jon typically did feel good week the last week before the World Championships. I have expanded upon this concept and decided that it should be used any time you are getting near the end of the “ideal” training situation and you need to solidify your self-image as the best in the world, or the at what ever level you are going for.

The concept is simply to train without ever recognizing any weakness, but instead re-affirm your skills and assets and bank them away as yours and yours alone. If your training partner is confident enough, you can work in groups under this concept. For example, I am training with Nick Troutman and I believe he could be the next world champion. Therefore, I am totally fine with him beating me in a competition (assuming I tried my best), because if he wins, then I’ll be second, and we are on the same team. It is a mental trick that fosters team spirit in an individual sport, while helping you be confident that you are ready to go in the arena with competitors from all around the world all vying for the same thing, and come out on top. It feels good doing feel good week too!

Tomorrow is day 2 of Feel Good Week!