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AM- Club Wave- Today is “Big Move” New Move, combos, and other things rarely if ever seen before day.

My favorite move of this session was an airscrew where I threw my paddle high in the air on my first bounce and then did my airscrew, landed straight, reached up and caught the paddle with one hand, sweet! If I can send this short video clip (Windows Media Player, 328KB), you’ll see it on the home page loop, and it will make the promo video for sure. I also did front and backwards Mystery Flips, can clean blunts with a paddle twirl. Jessie Stone did a big helix, and Emily went for Mcnasties. Nick did some good paddle twirl clean blunts. This was a fun session. Nothing serious, just a lot of screwing around to see what we can do.

PM- Nile special- another great level for this wave- no rope needed! We were doing a variety of moves again tonight. Stephen Wright emailed us about trying fast spins into a helix so I did two of those in one ride- but they weren’t exceptional, it is hard to pop them out of the water though. Spinning really fast on a big green wave is fun! It is like a merry go round out of control!