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By Chris Brigman

I paddle for mainly one reason, because it is fun. You cannot argue with the health benefits, and the adrenaline rush but what makes me get in my boat every time is the desire to have fun. This is what Jackson Kayak is all about, having fun. Jackson Kayak as a whole is a great bunch of people who without question helped make kayaking a team sport. Whether you are a seasoned freestyle boater or a hardcore creeker, a 5 year old beginner or a 10 year old learning to bow stall there is a place for you in the Jackson family. JK’s willingness to accept one and all is a true testament to their love of the sport and those who participate in it. Now, I can’t lie I was once skeptical, but after a year of getting to know the people and growing to love the boats inside and out, I am hooked.

EJ and the crew have filled a niche within the community that we were crying out for, a grassroots company formed from the ashes of an industry being drowned in a sea of big box giants.

Thanks guys, you have all been great. Look forward to another year of spreading the word.


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