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I got this letter from him today…

Hey EJ:

Got in Reno Mountain Sports demo ALL STAR today. So far here is what I have
from one day of boating.

First trick I tried was a phonix monkey. The hole is a little shallow and
the one thing I noticed was getting more pop off the loop end of the move.
On my Airloops I definetly had more pop, which helps to stay in the hole as
its shallow. My mcnastys aren’t as rushed which is nice since the bow has
just enough slice in it, and then proportionate volume around the cockpict
to get the lift. My trick Wu’s are coming back. Yesterday was the first
time I’ve done one in a really long time. Im working on a Tricky WU combo
move, but im not telling anyone yet haha….Super friendly edges, and over
great distribution in the volume to alllow for forgiveness and retentivness.

That is it for now, Im super amped to give er on a wave!

Im shooting some pics today, im gonna see if RENO Mountain Sports will let
me snag it for tonight, if my boat doesn’t show up!

Hope all is well

Ben Guska