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Anyone who knows Ben recognizes his personality on and off the river as one of a caring, fun, supportive 21 year old that makes you smile. We are very lucky to have him as part of the Jackson Kayak family in 2007 and beyond. Look for a rapid rise in his performance on and off the river as he is given a chance to chanel his energy for personal performance and for helping others on the water as well. When you see Ben on the water, don’t be shy about asking for tips!

Here is what Ben has to say about himself…

Age: 21
Height: 5’6"
Weight: 164
Favorite River: Ottawa/New
Favorite Creek: Crystal Gorge/Oh Be Joyful
Favorite play hole: Salida
Favorite Waves: Dries of the New Put-in waves
Hometown: Glenwood Springs Colorado

Competitive Achievements:

Teva East vs. West Rodeo 1st place 03′(17 years old)
Teva East vs.West qualifer 2st place 03′ (17 years old)
Steamboat Go Pro event 2nd place 04′
Green River Pro Rodeo 2nd Place 04′
WS dries Big Air Competition 3rd Place 04′
Fibark 4th place 06

Personal Achievements:
-Team River Runner Colorado Trip 06′ (Disabled kayaker clinics)
-Glenwood Springs Youth Hockey Goals Leader (46 goals)
-Glenwood Springs Youth Hockey Points Leader (82 points)
-Glenwood Springs Youth Hockey Leadership award (consecutive 2 years)
-USASA Slopestyle Snowboard Competition 1998-1st place
-Ski Sunlight Slopestyle 1998-1st place

About myself:

I have been very lucky to have seen a lot of the world in the last few years. I have been even more fortunate to have a lot of friends and family supporting me 100%. I enjoy multiple sports on various levels. I believe if kids and people are active in sports, it will only compliment them in making the right choices in life. Im very excited to be on team JK. I feel we hold a lot of similarities in multiple aspects that will only compliment our goals and dreams! Im looking forward to a super fun season being a part of team JK. See you all on the river!

Ben Guska