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By Devon Barker

Greetings from the World Championships on the Ottawa River!

I brought so many warm clothes to Canada as everyone said we would have cold temperatures and ice in the river. Well, I have a sun burn and have yet to use my snow boots, down parka, mittens, hat, and not even my rain coat.

It is beautiful here. We are training on about 11 feet of water and Wikkie has been in. It is a great wave. I write this to you from the Little Pickey Lodge as I am on the deck in the sunshine with my sunglasses on.

Team Jackson Kayak is staying at the Farm House which is part of Wilderness Tours, our great host. We have the countries of Brazil, France, Canada, Australia, and the US so far at the house. It is really great having so many paddlers all in one spot. We are having a USA team party later in the week.

The Idaho Statesman did wrote article on my Dare to Kayak program as I left for Worlds. I have also included the link to the World Championships website. Thanks for all of your support. We are surfing some great waves up here; under the sunshine.


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