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By Emily Jackson

Another exciting time in Africa esp from the Soft Power Health and Education volunteering we got to do. This time we didnt get to do as much physically but made a whole bunch of plans that are going to be awesome! Soft Power Education’s Clinic is doing great and saving lives but what they’re trying to do right now is get a girl named Stella to Medical School…..sadly her parents cant afford it but we are going to work out a deal with her so she works in the clinic for a period of time in return for us sending her to school. Now we have previously raised enough money to get her started but we arent committing to just a couple years of medical school, we are commiting to all 4 years… so if you have any interest in helping her get to medical school and would like to learn more about her…please email me at (my jackson one is going through a temporary thing) or email

If you would like to send a donation to make this possible….please send a check to

Soft Power Health
888 Power House RD
Walling TN 38587

And make sure you write it out to Soft Power because then it will be tax deductable!

Hope the spring is treating you well and I cant wait to see you on the river!