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During Feel Good Week we decided to so some filming of things we don’t normally do. Nick got some sweet Clean Blunt/paddle twirls, we got some cool combos like a Clean Blunt-McNasty-airscrew triple combo, and some other things. Mostly we crashed and burned, but had fun doing it. I did a
little practice in the eddy doing a paddle toss and quick backdeck roll in
flatwater and paddle catch but never threw it high enough. It was my turn
and I just decided that if I was going to catch the paddle I would need to
really huck it high, so I did, and bingo, right back into my left hand on
the grip, and a quick grab with my right hand and I was off to the next
move. I remember when Davey Hearn threw his C1 paddle over the slalom wire
and went to catch it, but missed and it broke his nose. I was a little
leary about this myself, but decided that nothing ventured, nothing gained
and it worked out just fine this time…

Check it out in higher res and slow mo… (Windows Media Player, 780KB)