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By Jason Craig

I spent a week in Idaho with Devon Barker as she was training for worlds. Devon was paddling great and the whole time she was a joy to be around.

One of my last days there we went to this sick wave, Golds Hole! It rocked. It was like Rodeo Hole in the way that it would green out and foam up. It wasn’t very retentive and the eddy was sketch. The eddy was half the size of Corner Wave and with two pin rocks at the bottom. The eddy line was all swirly with whirlpools and you would have to charge it hard to make it. The rapid itself was class 3, the eddy at this flow was class 4+ if not 5!!!

Yesterday we went to the Gutter on the Payette. It was awesome! I could Orbit on cue which is something I have never been able to do before. It was fun to left mcnasty, phonix left, and loop. To loop this hole I had to do what I call "fruit looping." It is where you double pump or slam your bow down in the foam back from the green water. Your bow catches the green water below the foam and you get your fruit part. Now all that is left is the looping part, which I leave to you. All of this is to not hit the rock looping in these shallow holes.
I had a article in the local paper yesterday. Here is the link to it.

My computer broke down but as soon as I get it going I’ll send a video of Golds, Rodeo Hole, and the Gutter.

See you on the river,
Jason Craig

PS. I am sending this in the starwars style of things. Who needs the first part first when you can have the second one first.


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Jason goofing in #5. Photo by Scott Sady

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Jason on Trampoline. Photo by Scott Sady

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Jason Paddle in Peace. Photo Scott Sady

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Jason Phonix Monkey set up. Photo Scott Sady

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Jay & Jason oar guitar session. Photo Scott Sady