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I got this email from Randy today:

Dear Team Jackson
  I just had to write a little note to all the people there at Jackson to
say thank you. I just bought my shiny new orange 4 fun and took it for a
little paddle at the local play park all I can say is this boat rocks! It is
not only the most comfy boat but it’s so easy to paddle that it makes my
paddling skills look stellar! Although the water isn’t flowin to much here
in Colorado yet I just love the boat control I have in this boat. As
advertised this boat is very slicie and fast on a wave it spins just by me
thinking about it an I’ve been thinking of nothing else since I picked it up
at Confluence Kayaks in Denver! I didn’t even give Don a chance to outfit it
for me I just ran giggling out the front door with my new boat still in the
bag! I just wanted to give you all a big shout out and say thanks it was
well worth the long winter wait all you folks who have a hand in Jackson
kayaks are doing a great job!!! You really do build it like it’s yours
Thanks Again!!Don at confluence will be glad now he doesn’t have to hear me
ask are the funs in?

Randy Pracht