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By Joe Keck

Hello Jackson World!

Joe, here, reporting from Colorado. The time is finally upon us where the snow melts and we get to rockin’ on the rivers. But first before the snow melts here in Colorado, it’s always great to get out to some places that go off a bit earlier. This year Marty Cronin and I decided Washington would be the destination of choice. We hit several classics with the Range Life Crew, but the one that stood out most was Clearwater Creek. If you make it up near Bellingham, be sure to check this one out. It is a true classic and was an excellent place to dial in my new Rocker. With 683 feet over thirty-five drops in just two miles – perfect terrain for the new creek boat! 345 fpm might not sound like a ton at first until you throw in the fact that there no waterfalls. And at 450ish cfs, all I can say is that the Rocker is my new best friend. The Rocker handled it so well and was so inspiring it’s hard to describe. The auto boof and secondary stability of this boat are where it’s at. I have been putting her through the paces and loving every moment.

Upon returning to Colorado, I got word that Escalante Creek on the far western end of the State was running. Years have gone by in vain attempts to get on this creek, but finally this spring my opportunity arrived. Escalante is everything I had hoped for – endless desert scenery, solitary camping, and countless perfect boofs in a black gneiss gorge. Put it at the very top of your spring hit list.

One final note: Spring is the time to start or renew your American Whitewater membership so we can keep all these rivers as they are for your boating pleasure.

Hopefully there is a river running near you – get it.

Joe Keck
Colorado Regional Team JK


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