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Hey Everyone! Another exciting thing is happening and this time its for Soft Power Education, They have just finished their education center which is INCREDIBLE…. schools from all over Uganda come to this place to learn for a day and its definetly first class…. right now they have one more project for me and that is to put a big play ground in…. to let the kids be kids for a bit during their visit to the center…. we are looking for ideas on designs and cool ideas…we have a bunch up our sleeve but we are open to any suggestions… we are also looking for two volunteers to come to Uganda and help direct the workers… be leaders of the project……so please if you are interested in being a part of this email me at (my jackson email is down temporarily) thank you so much…

If you cant make it to Uganda but what to be part of making it happen please feel free to send a donation, we are starting from scratch and any donation whether its $10 bucks, $20 or a hundred, would be great appreciated!

You can send the check to

Emily Jackson
888 Power House RD
Walling TN 38587

Make sure you write it our to Soft Power Education because then it will be tax deductable!

Hope to see you on the river!
Happily Paddling