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By Phil Boyer

Hey there boaters;

If you are looking for a creek boat that boofs like a dream, catches eddies on a dime, is fast and stays online, then the Punk Rocke is the Boat for

I just recieved my new Punk Rocker last week and I am stoked! The design
changes to the Rocker series are perfect. The Punk Rocker is the smallest
of our creek boats and is perfect for the smaller paddler. I am 5ft 7in 140lbs with a size 7 shoe (I wear real shoes in my boat and fit with lots of
room to spare).

I pilot-tested the Punk Rocker on the Chamberlin Falls and Giant Gap
sections of the North Fork American in Northern California — perfect test
runs for a creek boat.

The Punk Rocker’s new bow allows the boat to rise to the surface fast and
in control without throwing you offline, and when surfing in a pour-over
the boat helps you by not subbing out. Instead, the boat will stay on the
surface to help enable you to surf out of the hole.

If you love boofing, you will love the performance of the Punk Rocker. I
was boofing all day long, from small pourovers to big rock cushions,
landing in eddies and on the back side of holes. I always felt that the
boat would stay online whether that meant stopping in the eddy or boofing
out and over the hole to continue down stream. The Punk Rocker’s
performance was stellar.

The Punk Rocker’s new design allows it to stay fast and true when heading
downstream through the crux of a rapid or ferrying accross the river from
one important eddy to the next. I found it very easy to make adjustments to my line using small pourovers and waves when ferrying accross the river or
just running rapid top to bottom.

The center column bulkhead in all of our creek boats is the safest, most
user-friendly in the business.

1-The foam blocks will absorb some of the shock from a piton.
2-The center line will give just enough to absorb some of the shock as
3-You can adjust the bulkhead on the fly by either pulling the rope tighter to lock you into the boat for running rapids, or loosen the rope to relax
in the flats or on long paddles out.

Overall, the Punk Rocker is a boat that will give you years of fun running
rivers around the world.

Phil Boyer


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