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By Jez

Ok EJ we got a bit of a surprise for you. So we got thinking that we all know how well Jackson Kayaks currently dominate on bus eater as we have all seen from the footage made up by Stephen, Nick and co. So we wondered what it would be like to combine the hull of a Jackson Kayak with an Open Boat. Well Liam, a great mate of mine from here at the Penrith Whitewater Stadium decided he would take the Fun hull and morph it with the specs of an Open Boat (OC1), create his own plug, mold, and pop out the very first, totally experimental, one of a kind prototype boat specifically made for fun. Many many many hours of hand made effort has gone into this boat, lots of changes and a few broken molds later we got ourselves a boat.

And what do we call this thing?
Well first there was the fun, then there was the super fun, now there is the

A bigger boat, means more fun and as you can see from the vid this boat is amazing. Jump in the tub with your rubber duckie, fire up a feature and go big.

It’s an awesome boat, I just spent half an hour in this boat and already know it’s by far the best Freestyle Open Boat I have ever been in. It has those awesome edges that the funs have, and you can clean flat-water cartwheel this boat. Yes you heard me right. Clean flat-water cartwheels in an Open Boat. It carves like a K1, bounces bigger than any open boat, on the features here it even bounces bigger than a K1 because of body position which means you will see some moves never before seen in an open boat. This hybrid was made to the exact specifications as the required rules for open boat competition which also makes it ready for the Worlds at Bus.

The Tub-O-Fun is by far the most fun open boat I have ever been in. Cheers Liam.

A Totally Experimental Prototype
Only one of a kind
Made in Australia

Watch the Video (QuickTime 4.5 MB)