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Jesse Coombs and Patrick Nichols organized a world class premier of the 2007 Action Jackson promo dvd, and Ben and Jesse’s Hotel Charlie: River of Doubt. The “Fritz’ bar had a HUGE screen (theater size) set up outside with a big sound system for the showing. There must have been 500 people there for the event. From 8 until 9pm people hung out and talked as we waited for it to get dark. At 9pm it was dark and Jesse ran the show starting with some thank you’s and then he fired up the first ever viewing of the new “Action Jackson” 13 minute film. I was like a proud papa watching the show, seeing the Team and the 2007 lineup of kayaks in incredibly good form. Playboating, river running, and serious creeking with one great shot after the other. Ben did a great job editing it with the input of much of the team up on the Ottawa river during the worlds. The music, the lifestyle shots, the paddling, and the editing come together for a show that you’ll want to watch over and over again. Our 2006 Action Jackson was a fun flick that was also well put together but this is a huge step up in the footage, variety, and music.

I will be getting these duplicated starting next week sometime after the menus and the “Jackson University” are finished.

I will provide directions for getting your own copy sent to you for free!