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Clay has provided some great answers to what are sure to be questions about
the newest design in recreational kayaking. The Day Trippers are not just
another "rec boat". They are redefining the entire experience to paddle in
protected waters…

Read on….

Marty Cronin

I have many kayaks, and a couple are flat water recreational boats.
But the Daytripper is a totally different idea on what a recreational kayak
should be, focused on what people really want from a lake kayak rather than
just widening and shortening a kayak designed for the open ocean. In answer
to your questions:

1. Where’s the little cockpit?
Ripped open, expanded, deleted. The open-air feeling is not only
refreshing, it also allows you to change position, access a cooler or
drybag, and even take your best friend (in my case my dog Flow) along for
the ride. Today I
took Flow for a tour of the lake. The boat is so stable she was
napping on the way back.

2. Where’s the rudder?
The Daytripper tracks straight and true for several seconds even after
you stop paddling, but it’s only 12′ long so several sweeps should ‘bring
her around’ whether under speed or not. Check out the keel, but notice the
grooves beside the keel are tracking for you as well. These were really
helpful for standing up and taking pictures while still coasting.

3. Why is it so wide in front and behind the seat?
Why not? I imagine it has something to do with the fact that the
boat has minimal draft, so you can paddle into the shallows the john-
boats wish they could. Or it probably helps a wide variety of
weight ranges float at about the same draft where the performance of
the hull is best suited. Or maybe they just wanted it to feel wide
open and roomy. Flow certainly appreciated it. So did my
cooler. But you’ll have to ask David Knight to be sure.

4. Where are the hatch-covers?
There are no hatch covers because there is no hatch. There’s a drybag for
your camera, book, and sandwich. There’s a mesh stow- shelf in the back for
your sunscreen, visor, and shirt. And there’s a ‘dashboard’ like sliding
tray-table called "The Day Tray" in front of you for your
tackle, beverage, and power-bar. But the real reason is because the
Daytripper is so super-stable it’s really unlikely you’ll end up wet anyway.
Save the hatches for open-water waves and mulit-day outings, this
canoe-style cockpit is perfect for this canoe-style boat.


The Daytripper gives you the features you want for paddling on lakes and
rivers instead of shortening and simplifying something designed
for the sea. It’s wide, open cockpit feels like a canoe, but with
the paddling ease, light weight, and sit-down comfort of a kayak.
The stability is outstanding, like you’re gonna be out standing in it before
you know it, and the cruising speed will take you much further, faster than
any solo canoe can, especially in a light wind.

While it’s not going to replace my Rocker or All-star, it will be replacing
my Carolina. Flow’s orders.