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By Emily Jackson

Well Worlds is over and there are many different perspectives that I could write my update through….from the older sister’s perspective, to the daughters and the girlfriends….and then again I could write about it as a competitor as well! As for everyone else…. I’m not going to lie I was almost more nervous for them then I was for myself…. The most common question was who do you want to win Nick or EJ. That I could never answer and I would have been happy with either as long as the other one got top three as well. Which they did so Happy Times! As for Dane I wasn’t sure how to act, he was dominating the wave and never flushing which was a huge advantage so I felt pretty confident with him getting one of the top honors. Then again it comes down to how I felt about my self! I was so nervous! I would like to say that I felt confident… but that only came around after paddling well in prelims! I had never been on such a unique wave and I wasn’t sure how I was going to react. All I knew was that I didn’t have time to be scared of it since I had to compete on it the next day. I had several moves but I knew that I would really only need 2-3 good ones. So instead of going straight off for blunts, I did all backwards moves since I was more consistent and they scored higher! Guess my technique worked in prelims since I had the best rides on the wave yet, nailing my flashback (clean backstab) and my back air blunts. I went into finals with 2 other girls in pink both who I would have loved to get top three. Flic Meares and Katie Kowalski both are two of my good friends and unfortunately did not react well to the large amount of foam on the finals day…Nouria Newman got 3rd and Martina Wegman got 2nd both with big blunts and spins. My finals ride wasn’t my greatest rides but the scores for everyone seemed to be noticeably lower so I guess I wasn’t the only one… I still got some of my back wards moves which were the one thing that separated me from the pack…and got me the gold! I am so excited to have done well in such a high pressure environment and I can’t wait to join the big girls in Sweden!

Thanks to Clay, Stephen, Mom, Dad, Dane, G-Ma and Nick for all there support! Love ya guys!!

Next JR Women Worlds I want to see more chicks in the water so if any young ladies are looking into getting into the sport please contact me!

Hope to See You on the River!!