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May 2nd was a great day in Jackson Rec history. This line of boats has gone through painstaking development to ensure that we have not overlooked one item important to creating the best experience possible on the water. As mentioned many times… Our motto is “Light, Comfy, Versatile and Confidence Inspiring”… And from everyone of those parameters we nailed it…. They are perfect for a day on the lake fishing, photographing, or simply just to paddle around. As you can see, the cockpit isn’t just “good sized”… it’s HUGE, and allows for all the access you could ever need to make your trip the most comfortable it could be. With these boats you can bring Fido along and still have plenty of room for picnic items. The Day Trippers are so stable and track so well, you will be filled with the confidence to push on further from shore. They are built with the best materials the industry has to offer and will last for years and years to come. The boats are not exactly ready for shipping this second, as we still have some minor production items to get in place, but feel rest assured that they are going to be at a dealer near you in a matter of weeks. Call your local dealer and be sure to ask them any questions needed. Each of our dealers will have a retail and demo Day Tripper for you to try before you buy.

But for now, here are some photos to show how great they look on the water.


Very sleek and paddles effortlessly

Check out the stability!!!

Tony Lee is obviously happy with the Day Tripper 12’s performance on the water.