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By Devon Barker

Friday was Semi Finals and Finals on Mini Bus Eater Wave on the Ottawa River in Canada. I finished 7th but missed my air blunts which would have advanced me into the finals. As I watched the Women’s finals I was so inspired by the skill level from Ruth Gordon. I am fired up to learn Pan Ams and improve my clean blunts. Ruth is our new World Champion! WC

Here is a link to the results.

In the finals the tow in rope broke. Tyler Curtis flipped on the tow when it broke and then it was too long during Nick Troutman’s ride costing him an unlucky flush. The judges gave both Tyler and Nick another ride.

If I was not inspired enough by Ruth Gordon’s performance EJ made sure to top off my day by winning another World Championships. He is amazing! Dan Burke won the C1 finals with an awesome McNasty at the buzzer. It was fabulous. Emily won Jr. Women and Garcia (NRS Ambassador) won Jr. Men. We were all on our feet cheering throughout finals. Nick and Dane both got 3rd in Sr. Men and Jr. Men.

The closing ceremonies were great and we were clad in our new Nike uniforms. I am off to Reno and then the Colorado for clinics, demos, Steamboat, and Vail. Then I will head back to Idaho to work on clean blunts and pan ams! Maybe Skook, maybe Wenatchee, but for sure Gold Hole!

Tow-In Surfing Video (QuickTime 5.4 MB)

Going West!


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Devon in semi finals

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Emily in route to World title

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My World Champion

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Ruth World Champion

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Sharky & Harry fixing the rope